Newborn photography by Tori Beth Portraits

There is nothing better in this world than the precious love of a mother and father with their newborn baby.  Of course you want amazing photographs of your newborn to capture this fleeting time in their lives, but this special time should be about nesting and being as one as a family; so why should you book a professional newborn photographer to interrupt this precious time?

My newborn portrait photography takes place within the comfort and familiarity of your family home. There is no need to get dressed up, worry about what to take with you, or stress about taking your little bundle of joy out into the big wide world, I come to you with everything I need and you can just relax.  I have no time constrains with newborn shoots, unlike a studio where you will get a limited time slot, I only take on one session per day.  Therefore if baby doesn’t settle straight away or they need changing/feeding it doesn’t matter, I am there for you, I will not be put out or annoyed in any way.   I don’t need much space, just some room in front of a good window with some gorgeous natural light.  I have professional posing equipment and newborn safety is of paramount concern to me, I never force a baby into a particular position just to get THE shot; baby dictates at all times.  I am also set for all eventualities, I always bring professional studio lights with me just in case of dull weather and different backgrounds that allow me capture creative imagery you will love and treasure for a lifetime.

My newborn portrait photography takes place within your babies first ten days of life.  This is because babies sleep much more soundly at this time and they are still very bendy so can be posed more easily.   All I need is your due date so that I can reserve some dates around this time.  To get in touch about your own newborn portrait session please contact me at©ToriBethPortraitsnewborn003©ToriBethPortraitsnewborn005

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