Sammie and Iestyn’s Wedding

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Sammie and Iestyn’s wedding on the 15th of June this year.  After meeting up with the couple for their engagement shoot back in the snowy weather I was really looking forward to sharing their special day and capturing lifelong memories for them.  It was a gorgeous day, full of love and laughter from the very beginning to end.  I first caught up with Sammie at the beautiful Pheasant Inn where she was getting ready along with the bridal party.  We had such a fun morning, everyone was very relaxed and Sammie was just beaming!

The ceremony and wedding reception both took place at the stunning Pryor Hayes Golf course.  The rain clouds looked imminent but luckily never arrived and we were blessed with beautiful weather all day long.  The ceremony took place under a gorgeous gazebo in the garden and boy was it emotional!  After the confetti was thrown and pimms where drunk, I photographed some gorgeous couple photographs in the garden along with the group photographs.  The couple decided to do speeches before the wedding breakfast, Sam’s Dad, Iestyn and the best man, all did amazingly and brought a lot of tears to peoples eyes, mostly from laughter!

After dinner I stole the couple away for some portraits on the golf course, finding some beautiful spots down by a lake and in a wild patch of flowers.  The couple then greeted their evening guests, cake was cut and dancing was the order of the evening!

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Williams and I hope you all enjoy reliving their day.

Tori x



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I hope you have enjoyed this small selection of photographs from Sammie and Iestyn’s Wedding.  The full portfolio will be added to my website for viewing and purchasing once the bride and groom has received their DVD.  I wouldlove to hear your thoughts so please do leave a comment below.

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